The Helike Project


The Helike Project under the direction of archaeologist Dora Katsonopoulou and co-direction of physicist Steven Soter began to search for the city in 1988, with a systematic sonar survey of the seafloor southeast of Aigion. The survey determined that the site is not under water. Since 1991, the Helike Project team carried out campaigns on the adjacent coastal plain using surface surveys, geophysical exploration, extensive bore hole drilling. Since 2000 started trial and systematic excavations under a permit from the Ministry of Culture held by the Helike Society and the Department of Geology of Patras University.

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Prof. Dora Katsonopoulou, President, The Helike Society, Athens
Tel. and Fax: +30-210-3845658 

Co-Director for Geosciences

Prof. Ioannis Koukouvelas, Geology Department, University of Patras
Tel.: +30 2610 997843, Fax: +30 2610 994485

Sedimentology and Environmental Studies

Prof. Nikos Kontopoulos Department of Geology, University of Patras Tel.: +302610997591

    History of Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management

    Ass. Prof. Christos Merantzas Department of Cultural Heritage         Management & New Technologies, University of Patras Tel.: +302641074229

Helike Conservation Laboratory & Sites Preservation

Mr. Konstantinos Kiousis, Tel.: 6982709009


Dr Carlos Alvarez-Zarikian, Texas A&M University (paleoenvironment)
Ms. Dimitra Balafa, Conservator, Greek Ministry of Culture
Prof. Kimon Christanis, Geologist, University of Patras (mineral raw materials - charcoal analysis)
Dr Margaret Erwin Butler, Archaeologist, Tulane University, USA (Hellenistic Pottery)
Assoc. Prof. Yorgos Facorellis, Chemist, University of West Attica (Archaeometric Analysis)
Dr Sandra Garvie-Lock, University of Alberta, Canada (Skeletal Remains)
Dr George Iliopoulos, Palaeontologist, University of Patras (bone analysis)

Dr Ioannis Iliopoulos, Geologist, University of Patras (Clay Analysis and Petrography)
Prof. Lilian Karali, Archaeologist, University of Athens (Environmental Archaeology)
Dr Stella Katsarou, Archaeologist, Greek Ministry of Culture (Early Helladic Pottery)
Mr Nicholas Thompson, Archaeologist, Nauplio, Greece (Lithics)
Mrs. Linda Tsampiri, Archaeologist, University of Athens (Geometric Pottery)
Dr Robert Weir, Coin Specialist, University of Windsor, Canada



The Helike Society

The Helike Society based in Aigion, Achaea, Greece, is the principal scientific non-profit organization which promotes and supports scientific research to reveal and develop the site of Ancient Helike. The Helike Society was founded in Aigion in 1982 at the initiative of Dora Katsonopoulou, archaeologist, and other personalities from the city of Aigion. Since 2000, archaeological excavations of the Helike Project (see below) in the area of Helike are conducted under the auspices of the Department of Geology, University of Patras and the Helike Society under a permit from the Greek Ministry of Culture.  

The Helike Society is directed by a Board of nine members elected every four years by vote from the members of the General Assembly. Since 1985, Dora Katsonopoulou is continuously elected as President of the Helike Society.


The Administrative Board of the Helike Society


Prof. Dora Katsonopoulou, Archaeologist, Director of the Helike Project, President

Prof. Nikos Kontopoulos, Geologist, Patras University, Vice President

Mrs. Maria Karvela, Archaeologist, Secretary General  

Mr. Panos Mitropoulos, Philologist, Aigion Gymnasium Director, Assistant Secretary

Mr. Leonidas Charalambopoulos, Former Director of the Alpha bank, Treasurer

Mr. Kostas Klagos, Philologist, Education Consultant, Member

Mrs. Xara Efthymiou, Health Deputy Director at University Hospital, Rion, Patras, Member  


The Helike Society welcomes contributions to support systematic excavations of the Helike Project at Helike. For information on Helike and the discoveries brought to light in recent years, please see Discoveries at Ancient Helike. For information on membership and contributions to the Helike Society and ordering the Helike Proceedings volumes, please contact Mrs. Maria Karvela.


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